Help us help you!

Updated 4/6/20


What are our short term goals?

One of our constant goals is to fundraise. We have raised over $7,500 in cash and donations from active members for the Children’s Specialized Hospital network. With your help, whether it be from donations or fundraising, I firmly believe we will surpass this number.


Another phrase I have used before is “Fun costs money” and in this case, that is true. My current contributions to the group are as follows:


Monthly D&D Beyond access fees to ease character creation as well as provide access to the proper books. Monthly Roll20 fees for multiple accounts allowing many functions including pre-made mod purchases, API importing for characters, and more.


Purchasing modules and digital hardcover rules and adventure books from legitimate re-sellers.


Website monthly fees.


Minor purchases of assets such as tokens, maps, and more.


What are our active long term goals?


1. Have the group sustain itself from member donations

2. Host our second annual Adventuer’s League Epic

3. Complete, or near completion of a module in the group’s name.


I list these in order of priority. If we could only accomplish one of these goals, it would be to become self sustaining. To be clear, I very much mean self sustaining, and not profitable. “Profits” have always been fed back into the group or charities.


How did Roll Already start?

Approximately 2007 I was introduced to D&D 3.5/Pathfinder current members and admins of our group. The only purpose at the time was to overcome the seemingly impossible, to get several people together at the same time and place to play a tabletop game.


I eventually found Roll20 in 2013 and started telling my friends that I found a virtual tabletop. No more hiring babysitters, no more taking a few hours or a day from work. Just a far more flexible platform to play the game we loved. To my surprise, it didn’t work!

I then began seeking out people who were looking to play 5th Edition since I found it streamlined all the complications that Pathfinder put forward. We recruited about 8 people, most if not at all are current members and some, now staff.


I eventually went to my first Adventurers League convention in New Jersey, where I was living at the time. It was a less than stellar experience. I was convinced when I went I was finally going to be among “my people”. People who wanted to laugh and banter while our adventurers dangled from cliffs, and stepped on the exact wrong tile in the room only to spring our doom.


What I found instead, was a group of people who took the game very seriously. So serious that it was palpable at the table, and no one was laughing. The atmosphere ranged from outright unfriendly to judgmental. Instead of being welcomed to my first AL game, I was quietly shunned. I was shocked. I decided that this very likely was a one time experience, at this specific convention. I then attended another convention in Pennsylvania and not only was the atmosphere the same, it was more intense. I paid for a 3 day pass, and left later in Day 1 and didn’t go back. I brought my experience back to my group and started to wonder if I was the only person who felt this way or worse, what if people aren’t playing because they were expecting these kinds of players, and were right in thinking so?


The group re-branded its name to RollALready! and we began to recruit in small waves. I began to purchase one-off 2 to 4 hour modules and ran them while teaching others how to do the same. Building and teaching from within the group proved to be one of the best choices I made for the group and created the environment our long time members have come to enjoy.


Why Roll Already vs X?

RAL doesn’t have a very us vs. them attitude in mind for several reasons. One is that in order for the AL subset of D&D to grow, I find it would be a lot better to work together and exchange information with other players, DMs, and groups who are open to it both in thought and practice. Competition can be healthy, or it can be the fly in the ointment.I encourage you as a player to explore the other options that are available online, and especially offline.


RAL is looking to work alongside those who wish to keep the community healthy and growing, not against them. A very small fraction of any D&D community, show, or medium is turning a profit. This started as a thing to do in my downtime and turned into much more, which I will address later. I continue to encourage you to meet new people, make friends and contacts, and maybe even bring them to the table for a few sessions.


On that note, I will say with pride that I believe we help and have helped over 100 players in just a few months become Adventurers League ready, and it has been worth it from the start.

Where is it now compared to expectations?

Well beyond any expectation I would have ever expected our growth in the time frame we have been operating. Once again, I believe this stems from growing our community organically during our start, rather than opening the floodgates. Some may think I accept every application that comes in, but that is not the case. I want to continue to not only maintain but expand upon the atmosphere of fun the group provides. It may be Adventurers League, but I never read in any handbook that we weren’t allowed to laugh and have a good time along the way.